The Team + Credits

They say it takes a village, they were right.


Producer + Host

Niki Torres

Aside from hosting and producing a podcast, I also run a blog at Notoriously Curious. Chief Best Friends is one of my first major projects that truly embraces my creative side. It was born out of my curiosity to know more women movers, shakers, and creators. I wanted to hear more of our voices in a sea of still male-dominated media. I believe podcasting is changing the game for us and I wanted to not only hear women from all corners of the globe, I also want to understand how friendships help us go further.

I’m @nikipaniki on Instagram and Twitter.

Steph Colbourn.png

Sound Editor

Steph Colbourn

I’m a podcast producer and the owner of EDITAUDIO – a podcast production and consulting company based out of Toronto, Canada. Our mission is to work with entrepreneurs and businesses, from all over the world, to create high-quality, engaging podcasts. EDITAUDIO is passionate about working to make the audio industry (and tech industry as a whole) as inclusive and accessible as possible.

I’m on Instagram.


Content Writer

Marj Ostani

I’m a culture editor and feature writer for various feminist, womxn and queer centric media. By lines from Bitch Media, NextShark, Archer Magazine, YLWRNGR, April Magazine and more. My works upend my mission and advocacy to give spaces, lift and empower underrepresented voices of minorities in the mainstream scene. I believe there’s power in connecting, gathering and sharing our narratives. Among other things, I recently founded Witches Collective — a radical space to amplify our communities more.

I’m @marjostani on Instagram and Twitter. Say hi!


Original Theme Composer

Jason Asistores

Outside of working as a full-time physician, I continue to pursue my passion for music through freelance music production, playing for my local church, and posting original content.

I’m @flatfives on Instagram or email me.


Podcast Cover Art Designer

Anna Ulfvidhsdottir

Self-taught artist who loves to draw blue ladies.

Find me on Behance and Facebook.