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About Chief Best Friends

Chief Best Friends is an interview podcast on mixing friendship with business and the delightful, messy in-betweens. When you think that friendship and business don’t mix, the women we interview tell their story of making it possible. We explore how to make friendships work, how to find friends at work, how to work with friends, and all the permutations in between.

Made for women who are starting their careers or starting a business, Chief Best Friends is on a mission to help them cultivate more meaningful friendships at work. We believe that if we want to go fast we can go alone, but that if we want to go far, we have to do it together.


The Production


TEAM + Credits

Chief Best Friends is hosted by Niki Torres.
It is recorded and produced in Singapore.

Podcast episodes are edited by Steph Colbourn.

The original theme is composed by Jason Asistores.

The podcast cover art was made by Ulfvidh.


Chief Best Friends is conceptualised and created by Niki Torres.

Chief Best Friends is her first major creative project as part of her mission to help raise women’s voices.

When not working on the podcast, she is a digital marketer and a communications professional by trade.


Chief Best Friends was born out of the desire to hear more women’s voices in a growing medium like podcasting. We want to be the first few to create a quality podcast from Asia that’s globally recognised.

We are curious of all the women movers, shakers, and creators from all corners of the globe whose voices we may not have heard yet. We truly believe podcasting is changing the game for our stories to be told—not by anyone but by us.


Podcast Details




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The show will be available from the website or streamed directly from most podcast platforms like Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Castbox, Overcast, Spotify, Stitcher, and through RSS.

Chief Best Friends launched on 12th of May 2019

New interviews are released every two weeks on Sundays at 2pm (Singapore time)



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*All clips will be available in the downloadable press kit


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Podcast Cover Art