E04: On changing gears - Red Shoe Stories


About this episode

It was a great pleasure to speak to Naomi and Frances, sisters and co-founders of Red Shoe Stories, a publishing company that’s helping bring diversity in picture books for children. Their fascinating story have origins in both their personal and professional lives. Coming from a corporate world, working long hours and never seeing their families, they realised that they have to change something to bring back balance to their lives. Naomi and Frances shared with us what Red Shoe Stories are actually about, their Kickstarter success story, and so many lessons they learned during the campaign. Don’t miss out on this inspiring and heartwarming story.


  • How much time parents spend looking for their children’s shoes — the inspiration for Red Shoe Stories!

  • Becoming mothers is not a limiting career move but is more of an opportunity to design life the way that works for us.

  • How crowdfunding is a great strategy for some businesses in finding an early audience, testing the market and prototyping.

  • When choosing between crowdfunding platforms, it helps to go with what the target market is more familiar with.

  • Having the courage to not postpone launching their crowdfunding campaign, despite pregnancies, is a crucial lesson in business (note: there will never be a perfect time)

  • The immense groundwork needed to launch a successful crowdfunding platform and getting external help to get it going.

  • How working with your sister and chief best friend opens up a side of our personalities that they may never be privy to; making relationships all the more richer.

  • How working with a best friend helps with overcoming self-doubt when they do come.

  • How not having all the answers is a good thing as it offers us a chance to work and collaborate with others.


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