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Excited to bring this podcast closer to home with this episode. We speak with Sarah Tang and Alison Schooling of Sarah and Schooling. This was definitely one of our most fun interviews, with the energy and buzz of their friendship almost oozing out of the computer. As co-founders and ardent supporters of Singapore’s literary scene, they are actively involved in designing books and publications across multiple genres. It’s so refreshing to see such young talent in the world of printed matter. When everyone’s moving into digital, here are two awesome ladies injecting life into an industry that others perceive as dying. Clearly, that’s not the case! Super stoked to have Sarah and Alison talk to us about their beginnings and how they’ve both grown into their business, their friendship, and their own power.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Reaching out to find a friend

  • Being more focused about the work you want to do

  • Getting a lawyer to come in to write an exit strategy

  • Surrounding yourself with a tribe that supports you

  • Handling mistakes and how to not take them personally

  • Preparing for life stages and how it could affect the business

  • Showing up together as partners, especially with decisions

  • Improvising as a big part of growing and running a business

  • Learning to be braver in this journey as well as trusting the process

  • Taking time to reflect on accomplishments

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Photo by Rachel M Loh of Bare Creatives