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About this episode

It’s such an honour to kick off Chief Best Friends with ADAY’s co-founders Meg He and Nina Faulhaber. As a fan of their brand, it’s even more inspirational when we found out that ADAY was built on the idea of having fewer pieces you can do more in. We love how they’re being more intentional in a world of fast-fashion. We’re so delighted to have Meg and Nina talk to us about how they got together from their meet cute moment in Goldman Sachs and how that experienced gave them a glimpse of each other’s integrity and work ethic that would eventually lead them to start a business together.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How trust and integrity was the foundation in choosing a chief best friend (1:38)

  • Knowing when to take the opportunity to start a business (4:19)

  • Getting clear on yourself and each other’s commitment level (07:58)

  • How all founders need to sit down and set up a vesting schedule to remain accountable (9:08)

  • Learning how to lean into each other’s strengths (12:04)

  • Seeing business partnership like a marriage; through thick and thin (12:30)

  • How emotions play a role at work where it empowers rather than hinders (20:50)

  • Knowing when to draw the line and understanding what is enough (25:00)

  • Developing your team culture with intention (29:22)

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Photo by Masha Maltsava