5 ways a business bestie can accelerate your business growth

Entrepreneurship is tough, and it’s even tougher if you’re running your business alone. When you’re flying solo, you are wearing all the proverbial hats, making all the decisions on your own, and handling all the little issues and hiccups by yourself, which can get exhausting and lonely. That pressure can suck all the fun out of business!

Business besties, or your chief best friend, doesn’t have to be a co-founder or a partner. While they could be, sometimes solopreneurs need a good sounding board, an accountability partner, and that friend who understands and cheers you on at work.

So whether you’re looking to hire or looking for someone to be accountable to, having a business bestie can not only bring the fun back, she can also give you so much more. Below are reasons why you need a business bestie.

5 reasons why you need a business bestie

1. You thrive with community

Humans are social creatures who evolved to work together. For as long as humans have been around, we’ve lived together, worked together, and pooled our skills and resources to ensure our survival and thriving. Partnership and collaboration are written into our DNA. It’s one of the reasons why humans are so successful as a species!

In business, a strong sense of community, belonging, and friendship helps us do our best work. We need to know that someone has our back and that we can rely on others for support, and we feel amazing when we can support and be there for others as well.

2. You can do more together

The old cliché is true: two heads are better than one. You and your business bestie will benefit from someone who can push you further, check your blind spots, and bring another perspective and knowledge base to the table. 

In any relationship, you’re two different people who are good at different things. If you plan it well, your skills can complement each other. No one is good at everything, and having a different perspective can give you twice as much power in the business world. You’ll double the energy, the ideas, the skills, and potentially, the success of your business. 

3. You do better in collaboration versus competition

Societal conditioning and a seemingly limited number of opportunities for women have us pitting against each other. That only keeps all of us stuck and burned out. We want a different way!

The old way of doing business (i.e. competing with each other instead of progressing together) is breaking down because we know it doesn’t make us happy nor create the fulfilment we want from running our own company. 

The truth is, success is not a pizza with a limited number of slices. It’s more like a fruit tree that keeps on giving or an all-you-can-eat buffet where there’s always enough for everyone. We’re now remembering what we’ve always known as humans: that we can help each other succeed and go farther together. 

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” - African Proverb

4. You can lean on each other

When you have a business bestie, you have someone by your side to support you and who you can support too. You understand each other, keep each other company, and pick up each other’s slack when one person can’t do it alone.

Let’s face it: business is lonely sometimes, especially if we spend our days sitting at a desk by ourselves. Even worse, we often feel misunderstood as entrepreneurs. Much of the time, our friends and family just don’t understand what we’re doing and won’t stop asking us why we just don’t “get a real job” already. A business bestie gets it because she’s right there with you. 

Another amazing benefit of a partnership is that you don’t have to go 120% all the time because you’re not the only one running the show. You have someone who can be strong when you’re weak and whose strengths complement yours (and vice-versa).

Everyone wins! 

5. You have more fun at work

Isn’t everything more fun with a best friend? 

Life is not divided into little sections anymore. Technology allows us to constantly stay connected and available to other people. When we’re entrepreneurs in business for our passions, the lines between work, play, and relationships aren’t always well-defined. That’s actually okay! 

Work can be a part of our play. Relationships can be part of our work. These different areas of our lives can actually flow and enrich each other and fulfill us in ways we can only imagine. 

Plus, mini-dance parties, inside jokes, brainstorming lunch breaks, and maybe even group work trips! What’s more fun than that? 

Find yourself a Chief Best Friend

Business is more fun and productive with a Chief Best Friend by your side. It’s like having a business wife to support you, brainstorm with you, and bring as much passion and drive to the business as you do. Your business can grow even faster and become even more successful with two powerful women at the wheel.