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more than just a podcast

If we want to go far, we have to do it together.

In 2018, I became more conscious of how women need to play bigger, manage our inner critic, and how I can be part of the transition team. While women are showing up more than ever, I also noticed that in order for us to reach our full potential, we need to be able to imagine ourselves in those positions. But I also noticed that much of what we’re trying to achieve also requires self-awareness and the strength to undo and push through years of societal conditioning.

When I speak of why we need to have a more collaborative environment versus a competitive one, we’re not just talking about our drive and ambition. As women, we already know that being ambitious is a double-edged sword for us. We can be called bossy and a bitch. And as if that’s not enough, we need to be perfect not just at work but at home too. How many times would you have to feel guilty for putting yourself first so you can have the energy to care for others?

With all the nuances that we women face, our relationships are in jeopardy. That’s why I want to help women cultivate meaningful friendships.

Our role in society isn’t cemented yet. Sure there’s more girl power and fearless females now, but our job is not done. When they open a seat for us at the table, there’s usually only a single female seat. It’s a great ploy, whether intended or not, to put us at odds and in competition with our fellow women. It’ll only be done when we’re at an equal advantage to race for seats (plural) at the table. And for once, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to lean on to other women with our problems and challenges instead of being judged?

I truly believe that life is not a zero-sum game. For every woman that makes it, it opens up the floodgates for us to come in and eventually make some fundamental changes. But we cannot do so if we’re at odds with one another. And that’s why this podcast wants to start with our friendships. Together, we are so much more powerful than we are alone.

—Niki Torres

Producer and host of Chief Best Friends


Chief Best Friends

is a podcast on a mission to help women cultivate more meaningful friendships in life and at work.

We interview chief best friends who are kicking ass, all while doing it together.

  • Produced and hosted by Niki Torres

  • Edited by Steph Colbourn

  • Original music composed by Jason Asistores

  • Podcast cover art by Ulfvidh

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