If we want to go far, we have to do it together.


Reading books about how we can lean in, understand our confidence code, and how nice girls don’t get the corner office, there are mixed signals about what it means for us and our friendships.

We can outgrow our childhood friends, make new ones that match our evolving identities, and even that gal pal you made at the office could end up hurting you (or vise versa) when it’s time to vie for that promotion.

With all the nuances of being friends and making friends in adulthood, it’s hard not to think that friendships at work or in business is something to be avoided or at the very least, something to be wary of.

Call us optimistic, but we believe that we can do more if we work together. Not only will we survive terrible bosses, late-nights working on our side-hustles, navigating the growth of a business; we will thrive if we have that one person we can do it with who shares our vision of what a meaningful work-life is.

Chief Best Friends is a podcast on a mission to help women cultivate more meaningful friendships at work. We interview women friends who are kicking ass both in life and in their careers, all while doing it together.

Produced and hosted by Niki Torres
Edited by Steph Colbourn
Original music composed by Jason Asistores
Podcast cover art by Ulfvidh

Best times to tune in

  • Getting ready for work

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GIF by Libby Vander Ploeg

GIF by Libby Vander Ploeg